Isoil is a specialist magnetic flow meter manufacturer with a significant foot print in water distribution and general industry.

Isoil battery powered mag meters are widely used in the water industry in South Africa and 43 other countries throughout the world.  The high powered lithium batteries have a life time of 3 to 6 years depending on the application.  Separate battery packs are used to power the meter and the on-board GSM modem giving even greater reliability.  Isoil is a leader in battery powered magnetic flow metering. 

 AMR guyAutomatic Meter Reading System (See AMR)

N&Z supplies a proven Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR) to dozens of clients in South Africa who operate hundreds of Isoil mag meters.  This “plug and play” system consists of the Isoil battery powered mag meter; on board data logging with GPRS transmission; and the WaMSS Scada System.

 Reservoir LevelCase studies showing some of the benefits of Isoil battery powered mag meters with telemetry

See Case Studies

Isoil mag flow meters are widely used in general industry. Their biggest market share is in water distribution, in battery power format.  Battery powered flow metering is required in water distribution because most metering points are far from power sources.  Traditionally the water industry has used mechanical meters but these have limited reliability and accuracy. As mechanical meters get older they go slower – so if you bill using mechanical meters you invariably end up giving away water for free!  See "Accuracy of Mechanical meters in operation"

The Isoil mag flow meter has a very linear magnetic field and consequently works extremely well in battery powered format. See Measuring Principle of Magnetic Flow Meters

Battery powered magmeterFlanged full bore magnetic flow meter – battery poweredAMR Page 2 factoryFull bore flow meters at Isoil factoryInsertion Flow MeterInsertion flow meter with pressure sensor – battery powered

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Careful calibration is a key element of quality control to ensure accuracy and reliable operation in the field. Isoil has invested heavily in calibration facilities. Every Isoil flow meter is wet calibrated and is delivered with a calibration certificate.

Verification is a major component of confirming reliable operation after the meter has been installed.  Isoil provides the Isocal as well as Built in Verification (BIV).  See Verification of Isoil Battery Powered Mag Meters

Isoil Calibration towerIsoil Calibration Rig

 0026Isoil Calibration Tower Control Panel Calibrations are completely automated for complete control and traceability.

The Insertion Mag Meter has two advantages over the full bore meter;
  • Significantly lower price especially for larger pipe sizes.
  • It can be installed without stopping the flow. 

It has many applications especially where an accuracy of typically ± 2% is acceptable.

Insertion Flow MeterInsertion Mag Meter

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Corrosion is the biggest single source of real water loss.  The Isoil battery powered mag flow meter has an optional Corrosion Potential module which provides supervisory management of anti-corrosion measures. See Corrosion Management.       

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Isoil Mag Meter Applications: water distribution; water treatment; irrigation; food & beverage; HVAC; pulp and paper; mining; oil and gas; textile; chemical.

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Isoil has a full range of certification for various application.  These include:

See Certification details

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Advantages of Battery Powered Meters over Mechanicals Meters:


Magnetic Flow Meters
Magnetic Flow Meters

Blue mechanical meter 2
Mechanical Meters

Meter Reading:

You don’t have to drive to the meter to take readings – an in-built modem can send the data directly to you [see AMR].

The possibility of human error is always present with people recording digits from a totalizer – there could be as many as 12 digits to record!

The cost and time investment in driving to read the meter.


The Isoil battery powered mag meter has an accuracy of ± 0.4%. 

The accuracy qualifications for mechanical meters are ±2.5% or ± 5.0%. 

Under Reading:

Mag meters retain their accuracy over many years.

Mechanical meters under- read as they get older.  This is due to mechanical wear and tear; debris being caught up in the meter; and damage to the vanes. [see Mechanical meters in Operation]. 

Pressure Drop:

Mag meters are full bore without any obstruction so do not cause any pressure drops.

Mechanical meters and the associated filters cause significant pressure drops and power loss.

Capacity of the line:

Mag meters do not reduce flow capacity of the line.

Mechanical meters do not operate to the full extent of the line’s flow capacity.


Mag meters require virtually no maintenance.

Mechanical meters require regular maintenance, cleaning of debris and recalibration.


Roberto Gauzzoni – Isoil Managing Director
Roberto Gauzzoni – Isoil Managing Director
Isoil’s Mission:


  • To provide pioneering systems, measuring devices, solutions and services capable in all ways of meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers and industrial technology.
  • To supply customers with solutions that count within the field of measurement, automation and fluid control.
  • To continue to develop and strengthen their presence in the market offering a wider range of products and services.
  • To establish long-lasting relationships with customers, based on mutual trust and esteem.


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