Cold Chain Temperature Loggers

Reliable temperature loggers for transport and storage of vaccines, food, blood, etc. These Fourtec USB loggers quickly produce professional reports.

Usually, the biggest challenges in Cold Chain temperature monitoring are retrieving the temperature history, and also retrieving the logger.
Fourtec has an innovative two-pronged approach. The receiver of the consignment simply plugs the Fourtec logger into their computer’s USB port. The PicoLite disposable logger will automatically email the temperature trend and data back to you. And the Single-ride-Single-trip logger produces a pdf report directly without any software or drivers required.



PicoLite disposable logger Picolite

PicoLite’s built-in temperature sensor starts logging when you press the activation button.  When the goods get to their destination, simply plug the PicoLite into your computer and it automatically emails the temperature trend of the trip back to you!





 SingleRide-Single-trip pdf Temperature Logger60 Days

Temperature logging starts and stops at the press of a button.  Then plug the SingleRide logger into your computer to get a pdf report directly, without any software or drivers required.
Supplied with IP67 protective bag.






MicroLite – professional data logger32k

These portable, cable-free USB loggers are ideal for monitoring environmentally sensitive goods in transport and storage.  Simply stow the MicroLite with the products.  At the destination, or for monitoring, plug the MicroLite into your computer’s USB port and download the data into trend and tabular reports.
Re-set and re-use!




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